BCDA’s New Learning Portal Now Open!

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Latest

BCDA is excited to announce their new Learning Portal is live! This new platform replaces their previous CE Portal which was no longer scalable to meet the evolving online learning needs of dentists and dental teams.

Important Note: All Dental Staff using the Learning Portal will be asked to provide the BCDA Member Number for their dentist. Your affiliation to a BCDA member is important to receiving select courses and learning resources. Your dentist can access their BCDA Member Number from the My Profile section of the BCDA Member Website. If your dentist is not a BCDA member, select No in that field.

What if I had an account on the old CE Portal?

If you had an account on BCDA’s old CE Portal, then you already have an account in the Learning Portal – it is linked to the email address you used to access the CE Portal. Your course completions from the CE Portal have been brought over to the Learning Portal

  1. Please click here, enter the email you had associated with the old CE Portal.
  2. You’ll receive a notification email from learningportal@bcdental.org to set your password.

What if I didn’t have an account on the old CE Portal?

  1. Please click here and create a new account with the Learning Portal.
  2. If your email is not accepted, then you already have an account with that email and you should follow the instructions above.

How do I log in for future visits?

  1. Go to https://learning.bcdental.org/ and login with your email and password.
  2. Bookmark this page for future visits!

Once you have logged in, visit the How to Use the BCDA Learning Portal page to get tips on finding courses and downloading CE Certificates.

Please forward any concerns or feedback about the Learning Portal to support@bcdental.org.