BCDHA Award Winners 2022

WINNER of the Barbara J Heisterman Award for Outstanding Innovation and Commitment to Care

Aiste Zevick DpDIH, BDSc, RDH (c)  

BC is pleased to announce that Aiste Zevick DipDH, BDSc, RDH (C) is the 2022 recipient of the Barbara J. Heisterman Award for Outstanding Innovation and Commitment to Care.  Congratulations Aiste!

With a great deal of discipline, dedication and motivation, Aiste manages to balance and contribute to her professional, community and personal family life.

In March 2021, Aiste noted that “with COVID it has become apparent how much change is needed to provide quality of life for our seniors.” Aiste began her pursuit to establish a foundation to make these changes in August 2021 by commencing the Master’s Program for Aging and Health at Queen’s University.

Aiste was instrumental in developing an evidence- based hygiene management program to address peri-mucocitis and implantitis within her periodontal specialty office. She has implemented EMS Airflow technology into her practice, while addressing aerosol concerns during its utilization. And she has not only shared her protocols and programs widely, she has made herself readily available, on her own personal time, to hygienists across BC.

Aiste is a willing mentor to many. She has been a part of the dental community, internationally and in British Columbia, since 1991. During her 14-year Dental Hygiene career, Aiste has advanced and maintained clinical excellence while becoming a valued professional mentor. Aiste has provided her guidance and knowledge within the UBC Faculty of Dentistry Continuing Education program for Local Anesthesia, as a professional educator for Waterpik, as well as a clinical mentor. She is constantly working collaboratively with her employer and team to analyze how to best provide optimal care and patient motivation.

Beyond dental care, Aiste shows awareness and action towards programs that provide basic human needs. A member or her work team had a serious medical issue where she could no longer drive to work, Aiste would take a 30-minute detour on her already long commute to support this co-worker. Through Aiste’s encouragement and mental support her teammate made a successful return to work. She has been a four time build team participant in the Homes for Hope program. She has participated in providing meals for BC Children’s Hospital’s Ronald MacDonald House.

During this pandemic Aiste has furthered her advocacy for both Dental Hygienists and the public by joining the BCDHA committee for the Return to Work initiative providing resources and tools for DH’s to feel safe while working. These tools enable our members to effectively communicate with the public regarding their potential concerns for safety and maintaining their oral health. This committee has since transitioned to the BCDHA COVID Response Committee where she continues to actively participate.

Congratulations on showing your leadership and passion for dental hygiene in all you do Aiste!

WINNER of the Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award

Dianne Mitchell, DHP (c)

Each year BCDHA welcomes nominations of deserving dental hygienists who their peers recognize as being exceptional leaders in the field.

The Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award honours a dental hygienist or dental hygiene student who has challenged or inspired other dental hygienists to make their personal and/or professional futures better.

This year’s recipient of the Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award is another Diane – Diane Mitchell.  Diane began her dental career at 15 years old. Initially as a sterilizing assistant/chairside. Diane acknowledged the benefit of education; first becoming a CDA then graduating in 1999 as an RDH and in 2014 completing a Health Sciences Degree. During her career Diane has become a respected collaborator within dental and other allied health care professions.

Diane has great respect for people from all walks of life and always finds a way to communicate and provide care required.

During Diane’s 33-year dental career (22 years as an RDH), Diane has explored environmental, physical and mental health strategies for herself which has translated into a very progressive, safe, inviting environment for patients to experience her whole-body patient centric approach to oral health.

Diane’s journey in health promotion took an interesting detour with a move to Whistler, BC bringing to life a Certified Organic Kombucha Brewery. While building a successful business, Diane maintained her clinical practice both in Whistler and Yellowknife. Diane has now obtained a strong foundation in the world of business and production. During her journey, Diane found that her true passion remained to be clinical care and health promotion. In the fall of 2021 Diane Mitchell Dental Hygiene Inc opened in Whistler BC.

During a time where the world is required to increase waste in order to protect from transmission of disease, Diane has been able to adapt and implement small changes that will one day make a major difference in waste reduction. While maintaining all professional standards, Diane has implemented stainless steel cups for prerinse, washable headrest covers and dispensing bamboo toothbrushes. These are small examples of this incredible Hygienists contribution to keep both humans and the earth as safe as possible.

Diane is an inspirational example of how actively practicing a personal commitment to physical and mental health, education and drive can lead to an evolving lifelong career in health care representing the Dental Hygiene profession.

Congratulations Diane!


Lifetime Achievement Award

Mandy Hayre, DHP (c)

BCDHA is pleased to announce that Mandy Hayre has received the BCDHA Lifetime Achievement Award which earns her honorary lifetime membership in the Association.

Mandy’s career is her second passion in life after spending time with family and friends. Since graduating from the dental hygiene diploma program at the College of New Caledonia, Mandy has practiced dental hygiene in various practice settings, including general and periodontal practice, community health, Indigenous community dental clinics, her own dental hygiene business and a hospital.

She completed a Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of British Columbia, the Provincial Instructor Diploma from Vancouver Community College, and a Masters of Education from the University of Victoria. Since completing her schooling, Mandy successfully mounted a dental hygiene diploma program at the University of Vancouver Island and served as Chair of the program for the first six years. In 2014, she moved to become the Chair of Dental Programs at Camosun College and is happy to be starting new ventures there such as the low-cost dental clinic, which runs alongside the educational programs at Camosun, and a degree in dental hygiene.

Mandy’s desire to give back to the profession of dental hygiene and to contribute to its continued growth is evident from the many committees she works with annually on a local, provincial, and national level. She has started and been President of her local study club, has been a Clinical Examiner and Investigator for the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia, a site surveyor for the Commission on Dental Accreditation Canada, and an Exam Committee member for the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board.

Mandy has also served as President of the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists, and a delegate for the American Dental Educators Association.

And of course, Mandy served on the BCDHA Board for 19 years, often serving as chair or vice-chair, and played an instrumental role in advancing the profession in British Columbia.  Congratulations Mandy. We are certainly proud to have you as a lifetime member.