ATTENTION: BCDHA members practicing in Northern BC!

Join the BCDHA Board of Directors and help advance the dental hygiene profession in British Columbia!

BCDHA is seeking a new director for:

Nominees must currently practice in their respective geographic area and will be voted on by members who also reside and practice within that respective geographic region.

Nominations must be received by 11:59PM on June 30, 2023.

NOTE: Please read the following in its entirety before filling in and sending a nomination form.


  • Candidates must be a member in good standing of the BC College of Oral Health Providers.
  • Candidates must demonstrate conduct that contributes to the integrity and continued growth of BCDHA.
  • Any full or life member in good standing that lives or practices in the identified regions for which an election is being held, may nominate him/herself or another full or life member (also from that region).  Any full or life member in good standing may accept the nomination. All nominees must agree, in writing, to let their name stand for election.
  • All candidates must commit to participating in a one hour information session with BCDHA to learn more about the role and work expectations of a Board director before making a final commitment.
  • All candidates must have the ability to conduct business through secure electronic means (email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc…).
  • All candidates must provide a fixed residential address within the province of BC.
  • All successful candidates agree to access and complete San’Yas Anti-Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program within the first twelve months (one year) of their term.

Campaign Guidelines

Any member expressing their support for a candidate (on social media, networking sites, at meetings, etc.) is considered to be part of the campaign and must:

  • Act honestly and with integrity.  
  • Ensure that their campaigns and campaign materials are accurate and not misleading.
  • Be responsible for the actions of their campaign and for their campaign materials and must ensure compliance with these guidelines.  

Individuals must not:

  • Interfere with the campaigns or campaign materials of another candidate.
  • Make statements or take actions that are unduly personal or malicious.
  • Use BCDHA resources in their campaigns other than in the manner that is permitted for all candidates, or otherwise take unfair advantage of their position as an incumbent.  
  • Use staff to promote or assist with any aspect of their campaign.  

Campaign Materials

Campaign materials of candidates may be reviewed by the nominations committee.  A candidate, or anyone who is considered part of their campaign, may be disqualified by the nominations committee for any breach of the Campaign rules.

  • Campaign materials must be factual and non-defamatory.
  • Campaign materials must not be inappropriate, offensive, or misrepresent the candidate. For example, materials containing racist or sexist content would be found to be inappropriate and offensive.
  • Candidates must provide reasonable verification of any facts contained in their campaign materials to the Nomination Committee if requested.
  • Candidates must have express permission from any person who is depicted or named in their campaign materials.
  • Campaigns should not be based on promises that are not within the realm of the BCDHA Board to achieve. For example, promising changes in scope or that the Director will have direct impact on regulatory issues such as the Quality Assurance Exam.

What is involved in committing to become a BCDHA Board director

  • BCDHA Directors attend four two-day meetings per year that are usually held in September, December, February and May. Some meetings are held virtually, others are face-to-face (usually in the Lower Mainland).
  • Board Directors receive a daily honorarium of $350 for their participation in Board meetings, in addition to any expenses incurred.

Key Roles of the BCDHA Board    

  • Represents dental hygiene leadership provincially and nationally.
  • Develops, maintains, and strengthens the link between the Association and the members.
  • Monitor governing policies using the Carver Policy Governance Model.
  • Assures successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) performance.
  • Approves Position Statements that publicly express the Association’s views on relevant issues.
  • Meets with government, partners and stakeholders as needed.
  • Determines the recipients of BCDHA’s key awards.
  • Determines Board appointments to external bodies and committees.
  • Determines fees for Dental Hygiene Services Guide.
  • Fulfills its ‘Bylaw’ requirements by
    • Producing the AGM,
    • Reviewing and approving annual membership dues,
    • Ensuring Board succession
    • Updating Bylaws as needed