Covid-19 Archives

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BCDHA has kept members informed about Covid-19 since March 2020.  Looking for a past article? Check our archives here.

Navigating Your Return to Work, to guide dental hygienists who are making decisions about the provision of care and ensuring the safety of clients, the community, and the oral healthcare team. Updated Sept 23, 2020.

WorkSafeBC – Do you have concerns about your office’s compliance?

Media Release from BCDHA/CDHAReturn to Work for Dental Hygienists in BC

BCDHA/BCDA Returning to Work Forum – June 3, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Expert Q&A with Public Health, Epidemiology, and Lab Perspectives

List of FAQs re Return to Work Guidelines Updated May 20, 2020

FAQ’sEI, CERB and Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Updated April 27, 2020

FAQ’s – Financial Assistance Updated April 27, 2020

FAQ’s – Business Assistance for IDHP due to Covid-19 Updated May 21, 2020

FAQ’s – Suspension of Oral Health Services in BC Updated March 19, 2020

FAQ’s – Self Isolation, Social/Physical Distancing and Isolation Updated March 23, 2020

BCDHA information on mask shortages

IF you have additional supplies in your office that you are willing to donate to front-line health care workers, here’s the info you need!

BCDA Media Release: Dental Offices Not Open for Full Services May 19.

The World Health Organization has released this document on – Addressing Human Rights as Key to the COVID-19 Response.

CDHA Information on COVID-19 for dental hygienists – view here

CDHA – COVID-19 Courses 

Office of the Provincial Health Officer: COVID-19