Dental Hygienist New Grad Wage Survey

Every year DH students in B.C. graduate and then struggle to understand what wages and benefits are reasonable to request in their employment negotiation. As a result of this common difficulty, the BCDHA has launched a new graduate wage survey with the goal of providing accurate and reliable information regarding current entry-level compensation packages for recent graduates. This will assist students in their initial employment negotiations.

This survey is anonymous. Any information provided here will be made available to students and educators only. Employers will not be able to access this information at any time.

After the survey results have been compiled, a formal report will be sent to educators. They will then share the results with you and help to interpret the results. This will help you to understand if your compensation package aligns with your colleagues. It will also provide BCDHA and your educators the opportunity to better understand the labour market and to help new and future students to negotiate better compensation moving forward.

Dental Hygienist New Grad Wage Survey

What province, territory, or other location did you find employment as a DH?

  How did you first hear about the job you accepted?

Which best describes your negotiated wage?

What benefits were negotiated into your employment contract (please select all that are applicable).
Did you receive a signing bonus or retention benefit for taking this job?
Within the first months of DH employment, did your employer provide you with any of the following to help you acclimate to “real-world scheduling and practice management?
How many different practice settings are you employed as DH?
For your primary practice setting, please indicate what type it is:
Which of the following describes your employment contract at your primary practice setting?

When will your next performance evaluation be held?

How many hours will you work a week? (cumulative across all practice settings)
How many hours are you scheduled to work compared to your ideal amount of hours?
Are you satisfied with your current compensation package?

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your information will help current and future graduates to determine what competitive entry-level compensation is reasonable in the area that you practice. If you have any questions, you can reach out to All comments and feedback will be kept strictly confidential.