Fireside Chat with Dr. James Younger

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Latest

On November 29th at our Fireside Chat, we were pleased to have James Younger, DDS join us to provide tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in difficult work situations.

Dr. James Younger is a practicing dentist of over 20 years, and the Founder and CEO of TempStars, Canada’s largest and #1 rated dental temping and hiring service. Dr. Younger currently practices dentistry part-time at a mental health hospital and devotes the rest of his time to growing and improving TempStars. He and his team have a real ‘finger on the pulse’ of what’s going on in the temping and hiring market in the dental industry.

You can view the chat and hear Dr. Younger talk about office dynamics and strategies for discussing concerns with the manager/owner, current job market opportunities, and more.

View the November 29, 2021 Fireside Chat here.