Membership Perks & Discounts

BCDHA is proud to offer members access to a variety of discounted products and services, including uniforms, safety eyewear, loupe shields, employment lawyer consultations, laser surgery, shopping, attractions, automobile sales, and more.

BCDHA membership is required for Member Benefits, and is activated once fees are paid when you register or renew your membership.

If you are new to British Columbia, contact the BCDHA office at We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Bell Canada

Enjoy preferred pricing on the latest phones and plans with our Exclusive Partner Program on Canada’s best 5G network.

Get 100 GB for $65/mo. per line

  • 100 GB at our fastest available 5G speeds and unlimited data at reduced speeds
  • HD video and unlimited talk & text

Plus, add your family and save $5/mo.


Get 20 GB for $50/mo. per line when you bring your own phone

  • 20 GB at 5G speeds (up to 250 Mbps) and unlimited data at reduced speeds
  • SD video and unlimited talk & text


Take the hassle out of dealing with mobile phone providers

BC Dental Hygienists Association (BCDHA) is pleased to introduce SAVE phone plans for all BCDHA members. Operated by Sydian Group and powered by Rogers, Sydian provides Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to users in order to provide the best possible prices with the highest level of service.

By pooling together large groups of people, Sydian enables users to take advantage of volume discounts offered by mobile phone providers. They deal with these providers so you don’t have wait on hold for hours to get answers. A simple email gets you answers fast!

Get exclusive access to various discounted products and services.

Mortgage interest savings and cashback rewards!

Get 15% off Luuna Scrubs with your BCDHA membership.

Discounts on throat scopes, single-use depressers, and more!

Members receive a free consultation and 25% off the lawyers’ regular hourly rates.

BCDHA members receive 20% off the ‘Best Available Rate’ in 2023.

BCDHA members receive 20% off at the check-out for any GLOapparel products.

BCDHA members have exclusive access to the Gold Lucky Duck preferred rates.

Members receive 20% off 

Purchase discounted tickets to select upcoming Broadway Across Canada shows.

Purchase CSA approved prescription safety eyewear at exclusive prices.

Sandman Hotels offers BCDHA members exclusive corporate rates.

Sutton Place Hotels are pleased to offer BCDHA members exclusive rates.

BCDHA members get a 20% discount.

Get 20% off LM hygiene instruments when purchasing 1-24 and 25% off if you buy 25 or more!

Members will receive a 10% discount on 5 DNA tests. Email for the promo code.

BCDHA members get a 200$ gift card with new disability insurance.

BCDHA members get 10% off

CPR certification for 15% off training, 20% off first aid kits, 10% off for family members

$500 discount on all Ergo Loupe and Lightcombos

Access significant savings with the purchase or lease of your next new vehicle.


Get your first three months free!

20% off Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Get up to 50% off for your practice on toothe’s communication service. 

Discounts on monthly social media management.

Moneris offers new, preferred rates for your payment processing needs!