The benefits of BCDHA membership

Being a BCDHA member offers numerous benefits, including:

  • CEO and 6-8 staff dedicated to supporting member needs.
  • Several websites available for member support, such as BCDHA, CDA Alliance, DHAA, DHPO, HPOA, and Mental Health Dental Health.
  • Regular fireside chats held every other Monday throughout the year.
  • Committees/policy tables addressing various topics, including the Fee Guide Committee, Long-term Care, Quality Assurance, Practice Resources Committee, DHPO, Clinical Counselor Collaboration, Midwives (status pending), CDA Student leadership committee, CDA Alliance Steering committee, Committee for Accessibility in Oral Health, Interprofessional Committee, COVID-19 response committee, and CDA Alliance Student Leadership Committee.
  • Initiatives focused on combating stigma.
  • Owner linkage events and focus groups for networking and collaboration.
  • Practice resources and support for members.
    • Webinars for 2022 (specific list included).
    • Articles and resources being created to support.
  • Creation of BCDHA Fee Guide on a yearly basis.
  • Active presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


  • CDA DT and dental hygienists met with provincial regulators to discuss future scope changes, regulation for CDAs and DTs concerns in practice.
  • Advocacy writing resources and clinics for HPOA bylaws and QA concerns
  • Survey and advocacy letter to CDHBC and BCCOHP for QA Exam suspension/program change
  • Meetings with high-ranking government officials, including Senior’s Advocate Isobel McKenzie and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh
  • Media outreach
  • Participation in the Coalition of Health Care Professions and creation of the HPOA website
  • Provided feedback to the HSO on quality of care in LTC
  • Dental hygienists from B.C. on committee discussing Federal Dental Benefit

Practice Support for members

  • Three practice support advisors available by email or phone to answer member needs.

Employment supports

  • Access to employment lawyer Lia Moody for legal concerns
  • Employment Webinar with Lia Moody April 2022
  • Guide to employment contracts
  • Employment Toolkit (coming soon!)
  • Empowerment toolkit (coming soon!)
  • Mentorship program for dental hygienists in 2022
  • Wage Survey 2021

Education supports 

  • Dental hygienist class visits
  • CDA class visits
  • CEO visits to teach about advocacy
  • Articulation/PAC support
  • Refresher modules
  • Table displays and teaching aids
  • Study Club (2022) – 8 CE credits/yr

Grants and Awards 

  • Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award
    Barbara J. Heisterman Award
    Life Membership
  • Student Achievement Awards for Dental Hygienists (first and second year)
  • CDA Alliance Award of Excellence.
  • CDA Recognition Week

Support for Oral Health Colleague

  • Took on DTs as Associate members
  • Supported CDAs with creation of CDA Alliance
  • Supporting DHAA members in a service agreement.

Collaboration with BCDA

  • Co-branded job board
  • Advised BCDA on DA concerns,
  • Co-branded webinars on LTC (November 2021)  and Infection control (Feb 2023)

Collaborations with Stakeholders 

  • Alzheimer Society on Dementia Webinar, and resources for members
  • Seniors Advocate endorsement of
  • NNPBC/BCDHA policy statement on oral care in LTC launched during Oral health month
  • CDHA – Federal Dental Benefit advocacy (this isn’t with BCDA, its with CDHA)
  • CDHA – HSO standards for LTC