Webinars: Looking Ahead

Check this page often as more webinars will be added as we confirm dates and presenters!  More details on topics and speakers coming soon.


May 4, 2023 Practice Optimization for Dental Hygiene Practice Owners (Part 2) Anna-Louise Tolan
May 9, 2023 Cybersecurity for Dental Hygiene Practice Owners (Part 1) Anne Genge
May 18, 2023 Expanding our Role: A Focus on Reducing Systemic Risk Lorraine Gambacourt
May 25, 2023 Influencing Health with Oral Probiotics Lorraine Gambacourt
June 1, 2023 Cybersecurity for Dental Hygiene Practice Owners (Part 2) Anne Genge
June 8, 2023 EFF-UPS Dental Hygienists Make When Using Ultrasonics Dani Bobtyl
June 12, 2023 Special Fireside: Accessibility in Oral Health Rick Hansen Foundation, Lia Moody
June 22, 2023 Parkinsons: Speech, Swallowing and Saliva Management Jasmine Cload
June 26, 2023 Special Fireside: Clear on Codes Shannon Wilson, Salima Dadani
July 13, 2023 Seizure Education and Response BC Epilepsy Society-Deidre Syms
July 20, 2023 Toothe Secure Messenger Demo and Privacy Compliance Derek Nordstrom
Sept 20, 2023 Ergonomics & Therapeutic Yoga for Hygienists Caitlin Parsons
Sept 21, 2023 Social Media & Well-Being Katrina German
Sept 28, 2023 Autism and Neurodiversity in Dentistry Karen Bopp/Dr T.C Weisemann
Oct 12, 2023 Interim Stabilization Therapy Penny White
Oct 19, 2023 Nutrition and Oral Health — It’s a Two-Way street BC Dietiticians
Oct 26, 2023 Managing Medically Compromised Clients Dr. Sanj Mohanta
Nov 22, 2023 Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace Melissa Lyon
Jan 18, 2024 Peri-Implant Therapy: Modern Maintenance Strategies for the Dental Hygienist Chrissy Ford
Jan 25, 2024 Oral Health Hacks and Tik Tok Tooth Trends Dr. Sanj Mohanta
Feb 29, 2024

Dental Management Strategies for Individuals with a History of Cerebral Palsy

Dr. Robert William Frare