UPDATE: Notes From the Recent CDA Alliance and BC Dental Association Meeting

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Advocacy, Featured, Latest

The CDA Alliance had a fantastic first meeting with the BC Dental Association, where we talked about collaborative work both organizations want to do together to support and strengthen the CDA profession.

We discussed the work being done to recruit, retain and educate Certified Dental Assistants.

We have agreed on some work that we can do collaboratively to advance CDAs in the province, and are looking forward to establishing a joint committee between our two Associations to tackle some of the work that CDAs have been asking for.

Specifically we will work to address the staff shortage, but have agreed that our ultimate goal is to ensure all CDAs are fully certified.

We look forward to a strong and productive collaboration as we look to the future for all CDAs in BC.

Below is an abbreviated breakdown of some of the topics discussed during the meeting. Stay tuned for updates soon.

The BCDA and CDA Alliance have agreed to:

  • establish a tri-partite task force (CDAs, hygienists and dentists) to work on issues around staff shortages and other shared concerns in oral health.
  • work collaboratively to share information around the BCDA Forgiveable Loan Program which makes it possible for anyone to access funding to obtain certification through one of the BC Dental Assistant Programs.
  • host a joint webinar or other education event to bring together CDAs and Dentists to talk about the profession and provide clarity and discussion around how to move forward in a beneficial way.
  • work together to encourage interest in becoming a CDA.
  • consider how together we can improve office culture.