Dental Hygiene Issues Report Form (IRF)

If you have identified an emerging or important issue that you believe BCDHA should be aware of, please fill in the Issues Report Form (IRF) below. 

You may submit your issue anonymously, but please note there will be no follow-up with staff if you do.  We will, however, include it as part of our ongoing list of identified issues.

An issue may be something that you are concerned about within your community that impacts dental hygiene, yourself or your patients (e.g., vulnerable populations, access to dental or dental hygiene care, insurance or billing concerns, etc.), something you have experienced while working (e.g., harassment or bullying in the workplace, practice standards, something that makes your job more difficult ), or it may be a high level issue that you believe will have a significant downstream impact on the community or population (e.g., world events, climate change, sugary drinks in school vending machines, Aboriginal oral health care outcomes).

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