Webinar: Dental Management Strategies for Individuals with a History of Cerebral Palsy

The discussion will include: Current and future population trends. The Definition(s) of “Disability” Systemic implications of a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy Related concepts to maximize positive health outcomes An overview of successful treatment strategies for individuals with a medical history of Cerebral Palsy About the Speaker Dr. Robert William Frare is a graduate of Tufts […]

DHPO Webinar: Cybersecurity Basics for Dental Professionals

This webinar is for Dental Hygiene Practice Owners. As the dental industry continues to embrace technology to advance diagnostics, patient experience, treatment planning and more, this connectivity increases cyber risk. Join us to learn about the different types of cyber risks common to dentistry and how to combat them. What is cybersecurity? Why is dentistry […]

Webinar: From Burnout to Bravery — Beating Burnout By Becoming Whole Again

Description According to the World Health Organization, burnout syndrome is a result of chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Healthcare providers suffer from burnout at an alarming rate. Healthcare providers who suffer from burnout may deliver less than satisfactory patient care due to their overwhelming stress level. This interactive discussion will provide […]

Webinar: Oral-Systemic Links: What Do We Tell Our Patients?

Oral-Systemic Links: What do we tell our patients?? (1.0 hrs) Research has been conducted for over 30 years on proposed relationships between periodontal disease and numerous systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases etc. However, the nature of these relationships has not always been clearly described or understood resulting in oral health professionals […]