Webinar: Interim Stabilization Therapy

Join Penny, an experienced dental hygienist, for an insightful webinar on Progressive Oral Health Solutions. Throughout her career, Penny has achieved significant milestones, and in this engaging session, you will learn about: History of Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) Development of Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST) in Ontario Supporting Research Differences Between ART and IST Procedure for […]

Webinar: Nutrition and Oral Health — It’s a Two-Way street

Nutrition and oral health are closely linked. The relationship between oral health and nutrition is bidirectional. While diet and nutrition affect the health of the mouth, poor oral health can also impact dietary intake and nutrients consumed. The overall aim of this webinar is to provide an overview of the impact of diet on oral […]

Webinar: Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Participate in this engaging webinar to learn how to prevent and manage medical emergencies in the dental office. By the end of the session, you be able to: 1. List the items required in the dental emergency kit 2. Understand when and how to use items in the dental emergency kit 3. Prevent medical emergencies […]

Webinar: Introduction to Accessibility & Inclusion in the Workplace

This 1.5 hour online workshop has been designed to give participants some background information about accessibility and inclusion. It will also provide strategies, resources, and tips for creating greater accessibility and inclusion in your workplace. Topics will include: • Why accessibility & inclusion matter • Definitions & statistics • Myths about disabilities • Related accessibility […]

Webinar: Peri-Implant Therapy — Modern maintenance strategies

Chrissy Ford is a registered dental hygienist, practice manager, speaker, published author and founder of the Ford Dental Institute (formerly Advanced Hygiene Solutions). The development of her successful continuing education and coaching programs draws from 22 years experience in the dental field. She is committed to empowering dental professionals to find passion in their careers […]

Webinar: Oral Health Hacks and TikTok Tooth Trends

Does purple shampoo make your teeth whiter? Is baking soda beneficial to oral health? This dynamic presentation will teach you which oral health hacks work and which ones hurt. Then we will talk about the best oral hygiene advice we should give our clients.Learning Objectives1. Evaluate the effectiveness of oral health hacks2. Analyze the evidence […]

Webinar: Dental Management Strategies for Individuals with a History of Cerebral Palsy

Join Dr. Robert William Frare for this enlightening discussion on dental management strategies for individuals with a history of cerebral palsy. In this webinar, you will learn about: Current and future population trends The definition(s) of “disability”. Systemic implications of a diagnosis of cerebral palsy Related concepts to maximize positive health outcomes An overview of […]