BCDHA/CDA Alliance Committees are project-based working groups of dedicated members interested in advancing the professional interests of Dental Hygienists, Certified Dental Assistants, and Dental Therapists in British Columbia.

, Practice Resource Committee

The BCDHA/CDA Alliance Practice Resource Committee (PRC) recognizes the need for quick access to high-quality practice resources to support evidence-based, patient-centred care. The PRC develops practice resources for the Association’s Certified Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, and Dental Therapist members.

Presently, PRC projects include:

  • quick references guides and factsheets for chairside use
  • video content
  • and a robust collection of resources in a B.C.-specific knowledge hub.

 Committee members: Agnes Arevalo (CDA), Harnet Berhe (CDA), Laura Lanfranchi (DHP), Dawn Moon (DHP), Tracy Tripple (RDH)

Staff support: Kyla Oshanek DHP(C) and Shannon Wilson DHP(C)

Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) Committee

The BCDHA Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC) Committee embraces a leadership role in building the interprofessional collaborative practice capacity of oral health professionals. Interprofessional collaboration, as defined by the World Health Organization, occurs when health care providers from varying professional backgrounds collaborate with “patients, families, carers and communities to deliver the highest quality of care across settings” (1). The IPC Committee supports an evidence-informed approach to promoting facilitators and removing barriers to interprofessional care in British Columbia.

Presently, IPC Committee projects include:

  • the development of events and resources for health professionals, oral health care providers, and patients
  • literature review and knowledge dissemination
  • collaborative initiatives
  • and advocacy.

Committee members: Aiste Zevick RDH(C); Vanessa Johnson DHP(C), Carrie Krekoski DHP (C)

Staff support: Afifa Eidher RDH(C) 

Committee for Accessibility and Oral Health

The BCDHA and CDA Alliance Disability & Access Committee is passionate about improving the experiences and outcomes of patients and clients who struggle to access proper oral care because of the reluctance of dental clinics to manage complex physical or behavioural challenges.

Committee members: Isabelle Kuo (DHP), Jackie Tong (IDHP), Kayla Ragosin-Miller (RDH),  Nikki Griffith (RDH)

Staff Support:  Afifa Eider (RDH)

Long Term Care Committee

The BCDHA/CDA Alliance Long Term Care Policy Table (LTC/AL) supports dental hygiene members working in complex care and advocates for appropriate oral health care for long term care residents.

Presently, LTC Policy Table projects include:

  •  Government advocacy including a visit to the Seniors Advocate office to discuss oral health in LTC
  • BCDHA/BCDA co-webinar on oral health in Long Term Care
  • Environmental scan for oral health resources
  • Co-branding of resources for oral health care professionals and family members.

Committee members: Roxana Ayala, Christina Capy, Jennifer Halls, Dawn Moon, Sara Masiuk &  Leah Thomson.

Board Support: Leta Zaleski, DHP(C)

Staff support: Shannon Wilson, DHP(C)


Quality Assurance Committee

The BCDHA Quality Assurance (QA) Committee supports and advocates for an equitable Quality Assurance Program (QAP) for dental hygiene members in BC.

Presently, QA Committee projects include:

  • Member survey on QAP Experience
  • Executive Summary & Briefing note to CDHBC about recommended QAP changes
  • Preparation for advocacy with the new oral health college around equitable QAP amongst oral health professionals.
  • QAP Study supports.

Committee members: Tracy Merritt, Susan Backus

Staff support: Afifa Eider RDH(C),  and Shannon Wilson (DHP(C)