BCDHA Dental Hygienist Past Award Recipients

Welcome to the BCDHA Dental Hygienist Awards page, a tribute to excellence in our profession. Here, we celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of dental hygienists who have made significant impacts in their field. Recognizing excellence is vital to fostering growth and innovation within our community, and these awards serve as a testament to the dedication and passion of our members. Join us in honoring the remarkable individuals who embody the highest standards of dental hygiene practice and inspire us all to strive for excellence.

Life membership

Life membership is awarded to a full member of the BCDHA who has made an outstanding contribution to BCDHA in an official capacity for over 10 years. Retired members may also be nominated so long as they met the criteria during their full membership years.

2022: Tammy Gullevich
2021: Mandy Hare
2012: Paula McAleese
2004: Ginny Cathcart
2003: D. Thomas
2002: Bonnie Craig

Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award

Who is your unsung hero? Is there a dental hygienist who has personally or professionally inspired you or someone around you? Perhaps it’s a dental hygienist that has gone above and beyond to better themselves professionally or to enhance the education and oral health of a community group. This person could be a colleague that has overcome adversity or someone who quietly works to make a difference in the lives of others or in their community.

2022: Dawn Moon
2021: Beverley Gray Jackson
2019: Zul Kanji
2017: Donna Lee
2015: Dianne Stojak
2014: Heather Cooper
2013: Jade Lavallee
2012: Mandy Hare
2011: Dianne Gallagher

Barbara Heisterman Innovation Award

This award is given annually to a dental hygienist who has shown innovation and is a role model to the profession of dental hygiene. The dental hygienist’s innovation should exemplify vision, creativity, courage to act on new ideas, and/or an entrepreneurial spirit; which was undertaken in a professional manner. The dental hygienist has enhanced the knowledge and motivation of others and has made a positive impact and/or advancement to the profession.

2022: Jennifer Halls
2021: Natasha Kellett
2017: Heather Cooper
2014: Cheri Wu
2012: Mary Lou Walker
2011: Sharon Stead
2010: Louretta Frolek
2008: Mara Sand
2007: Paula McAleese
2006: Susan Nye
2005: Judy Blake
2004: Maxine Borowko
2002: Beverley Contreras
2001: Barbara Heisterman