BCACC and BCDHA Announce Innovative Mental Health Resources for Oral Health Practitioners and their Patients
March 5, 2024

New resources have been developed to assist Dental Hygienists and patients in alleviating dental anxiety during visits.

VICTORIA, BCMarch 5, 2024 /CNW/ – The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and the BC Dental Hygienists Association (BCDHA) are pleased to introduce a comprehensive set of resources designed to support dental hygienists in offering trauma-informed services to patients who experience anxiety and mental discomfort during dental visits.

The resources include a new website and supplementary materials designed to help patients reduce anxiety while also providing Dental Hygienists with the tools to offer supportive care during dental visits.

“These new resources were developed collaboratively by the BCACC and the BCDHA to enhance the trauma-informed practices of dental hygienists,” stated Michael Radano, Chief Executive Officer of the BCACC. “The BCACC aims to collaborate with other health professionals and organizations to improve the public’s experience when receiving health services.”

“This collaboration between the BCDHA and the BCACC is timely. Raising awareness about the prevalence of anxiety among patients and broadening understanding about how to alleviate mental discomfort will benefit British Columbians in the patient chair and oral health practitioners delivering care,” said Cherie Payne, Executive Director of the BCDHA.

BC Dental Hygienists Association (BCDHA): Established in 1964, the BCDHA stands as the premier professional association for BC Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists, and now incorporates Certified Dental Assistants through the CDA Alliance. With over 4000 members, the organization cultivates a vibrant community of experts and colleagues, dedicated to the principle that all British Columbians should have access to top-notch oral health services. Demonstrating a commitment to collaboration, the BCDHA works closely with government, dental hygiene regulatory bodies, and clients to effectively serve its members and the public: https://bcdha.com

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC): BCACC is a non-profit provincial professional association founded in 1988 with more than 7000 members. BCACC advocates for the clinical counselling/psychotherapy profession and for public access to mental health services. Its members (Registered Clinical Counsellors – RCCs) are held to the highest standards of practice and a strict code of ethics in service and protection of the public: https://bcacc.ca

For further information: For media inquiries, please contact: Marcy McCabe, Director, PR & Advocacy at the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors., Email marcy@bcacc.ca