BCDHA Communications Survey

The BCDHA values your feedback and wants to ensure that our communications effectively meet your needs and expectations. Member input is crucial in helping us improve our communications standards, including the newsletter and our social media presence. We appreciate you taking a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. Your responses will guide us in tailoring our communications to better serve you in late 2023 and into 2024. 

All responses will be anonymous and used solely for internal evaluation purposes. Thank you for being such an important part of the BCDHA community.

Take the survey!

How frequently do you read the BCDHA newsletter?
How would you rate the overall quality of the content in the BCDHA newsletter?
Which sections or topics in the BCDHA newsletter do you find the most valuable or interesting?
Are there any specific areas where you believe the BCDHA newsletter could be improved?
Untitled Which social media platforms do you follow the BCDHA on?
How engaging and informative do you find the BCDHA's social media posts?
Do you feel that the BCDHA's social media presence effectively keeps you informed about the organization's activities and updates?
Are there any specific areas where you believe the BCDHA's social media presence could be improved?
How likely are you to engage with or share the BCDHA's social media content?
Overall, how satisfied are you with the BCDHA's communication efforts through the newsletter and social media channels?