Meet Betty Ann Pryzdial

BCDHA Board of Director Elections (At-Large)

My name is Betty Ann Pryzdial and I am running for the position of Director At-Large with the BCDHA Board. I am originally from Toronto but have also lived and worked in Vermont, USA and Ottawa prior to moving to North Vancouver in 2001.  My career in the dental field started as a CDA in a pediatric office and I continued my education to become a Dental Hygienist in 1983.  While I have worked in general practice as a hygienist my passion has been working with geriatric clients and those with challenges such as dental anxiety and neurodiverse conditions such as autism. While I continue to love working in private practice, one of the most meaningful periods of my career was working as a Dental Hygiene educator for 9 years. 

My decision to run for this position was to use my previous experience as Chairperson on two Parent Advisory Councils in North Vancouver as well as my dental experience with the former CDHBC and the CPEDH to support my fellow professionals, helping them to have the long and happy career that I have enjoyed.  Another issue that I am passionate about is helping our members to understand the function of the BCDHA and how it could be a lifeline when we are facing challenges.  Benefits such as access to information on employment issues that many of us have experienced in our careers, continuing education and the support of knowing that help could be just one email away.  I have personally experienced the support that the BCDHA can provide and it was invaluable to me.  One of the most important aspects of the work of the BCDHA for me is promotion of the profession.  While many great strides have been made to have Dental Hygiene recognized for the unique and exciting profession that it is, I feel that changes that are occurring as a result of the formation of the BC College of Oral Health Professionals could have an impact on us over the coming years.  There will be some powerful voices within the new College and I feel that our voice must be equally powerful and well prepared to advocate for us. I would like to be able to close my career knowing that I had participated in leaving the profession stronger than when I entered it.

One of my greatest joys currently is the chance to act as a mentor for many of my colleagues as well as former students and see their growth and successes. My spare time is spent with my 7 year old grandson and making quilts.  The quilt making is much more relaxing than the 7 year old but he gives better hugs.

Thank you to my colleague Larissa Bui for nominating me and to you for considering me for one of the Director At-Large positions with the BCDHA Board.