Meet Cerina Marshall

BCDHA Director At-Large

My name is Cerina Marshall.

I graduated from Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene in 2008. However, my career in health care began over 20 years ago. In 2001, I was a Medical Office Assistant (MOA) working with family doctors and specialists. I continued to work as an MOA while I pursued my career in dental hygiene. As a medical receptionist, I worked with staff, patients, and the general public. I developed effective communication skills and the ability to multitask and problem solve, which helped in my dental hygiene career.

Since becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist, I have primarily practiced in private dental clinics. While mostly employed in privately owned practices, I also have experience working for a non-profit, community health center for over four years. Since 2017, I have been the lead hygienist in my office and have been managing it since 2021.

Throughout my career, I dedicated my free time volunteering at CHIMO Crisis Line and City Care Dental. I found listening and helping countless people in need truly rewarding. I had also been a member of a study club, Capilano Dental Hygiene Study Seminars, from its inception in 2009 up until its end in 2020.

I am happily married with a young child. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and camping with my family and spending time with good friends.

As I have grown professionally, I have a strong desire to contribute and be a fierce advocate for dental hygienists.

As a clinical hygienist in private practice, I understand and am concerned with the issues that we are facing, such as dealing with the new BCCOHP, inequities between oral professions, the new legislation (Bill 36), public access to dental care, to name a few.

With a renewed sense of passion and drive to do better, it is an honour for me to represent our members and our profession and help create the visibility that our association has been tirelessly working on.

Thank you for your support.