Meet Emily Frost

BCDHA Board of Director Elections (At-Large)

My name is Emily Frost, I am a graduate of the University of British Columbia Dental Hygiene Degree Program, I have five-years of clinical experience as well as experience in public health working with Vancouver Coastal Health, and teaching second-year dental hygiene students at Cambrian College. I am passionate about dental hygiene and committed to providing high-quality care that is both patient-centered and evidence-based.

I am interested in joining the British Columbia Dental Hygienist Association (BCDHA) Board of Directors because I want to be an active part of advancing the dental hygiene profession by advocating for policies, continuing education, and professional development, and raising public awareness about dental hygiene. I am committed to advancing the dental hygiene profession through research, education, and public advocacy. For example, I want to work to expand the scope of dental hygiene and advocate for dental hygienists to be able to administer botox injections. Dental hygienists are incredibly skilled experts in head and neck anatomy, and giving hygienists the ability to administer injections would bring in more opportunities for themselves and their patients.

I am dedicated to promoting equity and diversity in healthcare, and I believe that the BCDHA can be a leader in advancing these values. As a board member, I can work to help address systemic issues that impact patient care and access to services and to increase cultural competency and awareness for dental hygienists. I have experience in project management, communications, and stakeholder engagement, and I can utilize these skills to help develop and execute strategic plans for BCDHA. I am a good listener and a collaborator, and I have a track record of delivering results in complex and dynamic environments.

Additionally, I believe that serving on the board will provide me with valuable leadership opportunities and enable me to collaborate with like-minded individuals who share my passion for dental hygiene. I look forward to contributing my skills and knowledge to the BCDHA board and working toward achieving our common goal of improving the oral health of British Columbia residents.