Coffee Chat: Keep your Handpieces Running

May 6, 2024

Dental Handpiece and Motors need proper maintenance to avoid failure and prolong their lifespan. Is it okay to cool down your handpiece with cold water if you need it right away?  What wipes are safe to use on handpieces before sterilization? Do I always need a bur in the handpiece when I oil it? CDAs have many questions about proper maintenance. Attendees will learn about proper “in house” handpiece cleaning, lubricating maintenance, and other important do’s and don’ts to ensure your office’s dental handpieces last as long as possible.

 After attending this Special Coffee Chat, attendees will be able to:

Learning Objective:

  1. Review proper handpiece and motor lubricate and purging
  2. Apply proper cleaning techniques to prevent damage during sterilization.
  3. Value the importance of proper handpiece handling
  4. Identify signs of turbine failure and necessary steps for repair