Creating Opportunities to Elevate Patient Care with Visual Technology

July 4, 2024

Course Description:
Learn how embracing visual images from 3D scanning & Intra-Oral Cameras can be used to enhance patient communication, education, allow patients to become partners in co-discovery and create efficient dental appointments.

Course Objectives:

  • To discuss the key benefits of utilizing technology such as 3D scanning & Intra-Oral Camera to enhance patient communication and education
  • To identify how visual images taken with 3D scanners & Intra-Oral Camera can aid in appointment efficiencies
  • To review how embracing digital technology can have a positive impact on the patient experience & create patient driven dialogue and increase case acceptance
  • To summarize the benefits of creating team processes to optimize the use visual technology during a variety of patient appointments

Speaker Lisa Hardill RDH, BHADM

As a registered dental hygienist since 2003, Lisa has worked in private practice, public health, and independent practice. It was in 2017, she began getting involved outside the operatory in dental sales and consulting focused integration of preventative products, practice growth strategies, implants, biomaterial, and digital dentistry. This led to her current role with a leading Dental Service Organization supporting hundreds of dental practices across Ontario. Her role is focused on best practice protocols with dental hygiene services, as well as 3D scanning integration, optimization, and clear aligner therapy growth. Lisa more recently joined the Clear Aligner Leadership Bootcamp, as a Hygiene Coach, providing team motivation, learning and accountability.

Lisa’s passion lies in motivating, inspiring and supporting fellow dental professionals. She is dedicated helping them love what they do, encourage continuous learning and raising awareness of services that can positively impact quality of life and overall health of patients.