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In Office Periodontal Management with Air-Powder, Ultrasonic and Hybenx Technology: Five Steps to the Optimal Dental Hygiene Appointment

January 20, 2025 @ 6:30 pm

Successful and predictable treatment of periodontal disease can feel overwhelming unless you have a strategic plan. This five step program is a clinical approach that combines ADPIE, traditional modalities and new evidence based technology to achieve optimum clinical outcomes. These new technologies help to easily remove biofilm and mitigate or arrest active periodontal disease, lessen operator physical effort during debridement, while simultaneously improving the patient experience and treatment outcome.

This presentation reviews the steps and rationales for a successful and comfortable dental hygiene appointment utilizing erythritol air polish technology, ultrasonic scaling and Hybenx Desiccation Shock Technology. Evidence will be presented to support all steps of the process, as well as the appropriate sequencing of these technologies. New mechanical and chemical debridement technology can enhance non surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT) and help make periodontal disease management more predictable.

Objectives of this program include:

  1. Discuss limitations of convention SRP with ultrasonic, hand scaling and rubber cup polishing.
  2. Review the five steps of ADPIE.
  3. Introduce the five steps of the optimal dental hygiene appt.
  4. Introduce supporting evidence for the use of air-polishing and Hybenx in a periodontal appointment.
  5. Step by step instructions for the five steps, including air polish sequencing rationales.
  6. Discuss where and when to apply Hybenx in an air polish appointment.
  7. Review decision making tree for maintenance of periodontal health and early gingivitis vs. periodontal disease.



January 20, 2025
6:30 pm
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