Meet Michelle Foster

BCDHA Director Northern BC

Hello, my fellow northern dental hygienists. My name is Michelle Foster. I have been devoted to my dental hygiene career, residing in the Treaty 8 territory, also known as the Peace Region, within a small northern and rural community.

Since the 7th grade, I’ve been fuelled by my interest in health and my passion for helping people, which led me to pursue my dream of becoming a dental hygienist. In 2014, I achieved my goal and earned a Bachelor of Dental Science degree from UBC. Since then, I have served the community as a dental hygiene practitioner and discovered that dental hygienists face constant challenges on political, mental, and physical fronts.

Throughout my journey, I have gathered valuable experience working in various settings, including mobile, long-term care, and with vulnerable populations, as well as in private and independent practices; including owning my own practice. Over the years, I’ve witnessed remarkable advancements in our profession, such as breaking free from the constraints of the 365-day rule. We now have the privilege to own and operate dental hygiene clinics, granting us the autonomy to provide the highest quality care to our clients. These achievements have been made possible, in large part, thanks to the invaluable support of the BCDHA. Nevertheless, we still have barriers to overcome in order to improve access to care, and that’s where the BCDHA’s essential advocacy role comes into play.

The BCDHA’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine representatives, and to be most effective, the board needs a well-rounded team. I genuinely believe I would be a suitable fit for this role, given my education, experience, and passion. My fervent drive and dedication are focused on steering our profession in a positive direction that benefits all hygienists, regardless of their professional settings.

Since 2021, I have been actively involved in the BCDHA fee guide committee, and this experience has reinforced my desire to take on a more significant role and stand for a director position. My unique perspective, gained through my experience in northern and rural communities, as well as in both standard dental practices and owning my independent practice, will contribute to the board’s diversity. I am dedicated to advancing the profession, advocating for hygienists, and upholding high ethical standards with integrity while ensuring transparency and accountability. 

I am humbled by your support in choosing me as your northern representative. In return, you’ll not only gain a strong voice but a collaborator and a safe space to share your concerns, questions, and thoughts.

As British Columbia faces the challenges posed by the new regulatory framework, it is crucial that we unite and work together to strengthen our rights, roles, and responsibilities, not only for ourselves but also for our clients. They deserve the best, as do you!

Thank you for your time. Together, we can make a difference!