It is time to renew your BCDHA/CDHA membership

2024 is a special year for the British Columbia Dental Hygienists’ Association as we mark our 60th Anniversary. Among the many benefits members already receive, additional perks and events are planned to celebrate this milestone, starting with an early bird draw for either a $250.00 gift card or BCDHA/CDHA membership for those who join or renew between January 31 and February 29, 2024!

As you know, amalgamation of the BC oral health colleges resulted in changes to the renewal period for BCDHA membership. Last year’s membership covered a 13-month period rather than the standard 12-months. As BCDHA/CDHA membership continues the transition toward alignment with the rest of the country and to ensure there are no gaps with members’ professional l liability insurance coverage, the 2023-2024 renewal will cover a 7-month period (April 1, 2024 to October 31, 2024) for this year only.

Membership fees have not increased and are prorated for 7-months. Professional liability insurance will run from April 1 to December 31 for this year only, and will switch to a January to December policy period going forward. This applies whether you choose “basic” or “enhanced” professional liability protection.  Starting next year, BC members will be back on track with a 12-month renewal covering both BCDHA and CDHA membership from November 1st to October 31st annually.

In additional to providing superior professional liability and disciplinary investigation insurance, being part of your provincial professional association provides members with numerous learning opportunities, practice support, public recognition, the ability to connect with other members of your profession, and savings for many products and services.

Don’t forget about ‘CDHA Protect’ Professional Liability Insurance

Your Active (Practising) membership includes CDHA Protect; individual professional liability insurance provided through our broker, BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. (BMS Canada).

The program offers enhanced coverage including regulatory legal expense, libel and slander and an extended reporting period.