mindy pylatuk

Mindy Pylatuk, RDH

I graduated from the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (SIAST) in 1982 as a Certified Dental Assistant. From 1982 to 1998 I worked as a CDA in private practice. I returned to SIAST to obtain my diploma in Dental Hygiene in 1998, graduating in 2000.

After graduating, I moved to BC where I began working in private dental practices. I still work full time as a clinical dental hygienist, in a family dental practice in Fort Langley.

I am married and have 2 children. For seven years we welcomed ESL university students, who wanted to learn English, into our home. It was a great experience and it taught me a lot about multiculturalism and the challenges that those who are ESL/ELL face on a daily basis.

My goal as an elected board member of the BCDHA is to offer support to both RDH’s and CDA’s, who deserve to be heard. Our profession needs to take an assertive position, especially as we enter into the amalgamation of the Oral Health Colleges this fall.

We will continue to face challenging issues during the transition, including addressing the Quality Assurance Program. The BCDHA has an opportunity to contribute ideas, and work with our peers and professional colleagues to ensure that we are treated equally. I would be honored to strongly advocate the BCDHA member’s concerns to the Board of Directors of the BC College of Oral Health Professionals.

I am a clinical dental hygienist; I understand the work issues that most of us deal with every day in practice. I firmly believe that clinical practitioners, who are the majority of the BCDHA membership, need a stronger presence on the BCDHA Board of Directors.

I have attended Poolside and Fireside chats held by the BCDHA. I have heard our members raise concerns about the IDHP designation, the lack of dental services for clients in remote communities and the frustrations the members feel.

I would appreciate the opportunity to represent you, the members, on the Board of Directors of the BCDHA. I want to be a strong voice for all dental hygienists in BC.