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2024 BCDHA Wage survey Sneak Peek

This survey and report represent a snapshot in time about British Columbia Dental Hygienists’ Association member’s wages and employment specifically, with dental hygienists working in clinical practice settings as the primary respondents to the survey. 

Key Findings


  • Registered Dental Hygienists (85%), Dental Hygiene Practitioners, and Independent Dental Hygiene Practitioners (2%).
  • Predominantly female (96%)
  • First Nations/Metis representation (2.7%)
  • Majority employed in clinical practice settings owned by a dentist or dental corporation.


  • $55.91 in 2024
  • $44.99 in 2021
  • 11.8% increase since 2021


  • Top benefit: Free/low-cost in-office oral health care for self.
  • Missing Entitlement: Only 60% report paid sick days, yet 5 paid sick days is a legal entitlement in BC.


Respondents work in a variety of settings: Administration, Dentist Owned Clinical Practice, Independent Dental Hygiene Practice, Mobile Dental Hygiene Clincs, Education, Public and Community Health.

Wage Growth vs. Unit of Scaling

As the average wage and the unit of scaling both increase, the gap between them is noticeably narrowing. This suggests that the income earned per scaling unit is on the rise, while the growth in hourly wages remains relatively slight.


  • 82% hold a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene.
  • 13% have a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene.

Beyond dental hygiene:

  • 7% attained Master’s or Doctoral degrees.
  • 35% earned Bachelor’s degrees.
  • 38% obtained Diplomas.
  • 7% received Certified Dental Assisting Certificates.

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