Akitu One

We have come up with an exclusive discounted deal for all the hygienists who are a part of BCDHA and DHAA. The discounts include

  • First 3 months free (A value of up to $1000)
  • Free Conversion/Migration from their existing software (This includes software like Curve, Oryx, Dentrix, Abledent, Abledent Cloud, Maxident, Domtrack,
  • Dovetail, Open Dental, Tracker, Paradigm, Cleardent, Power Practice, Gold, DomX – A value of up to $5000)
  • No Training fees (A value of $1000)
  • No Set up fees(A value of $1000)

These discounts will be a big help for many existing hygiene clinics to transition from their old server-based software to Akitu One and also for the new mobile dental hygienists who are opening up their businesses.

Read more here.

Email bcdha@bcdha.com for more info.