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*BCDHA will cover all shipping fees on the condition that photos of your event, showing the Public Education resources borrowed, are sent to info@bcdha.comNOTE: BCDHA assumes consent of all individuals in photos submitted to be used in our OUTLOOK newsletter, on the website, and/or on our social media sites. Please ensure members of the public are pictured from behind if no permission is received.

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Please call us at 604-415-4559 or 1-888-305-3338 (toll-free within BC) to see how we can assist with your public education endeavours.


BCDHA is proud to offer members access to a variety of discounted products and services, including uniforms, safety eyewear, loupe shields, lawyer consultations, laser surgery, shopping, attractions, automobile sales, and more.

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BCDHA membership is required for Member Benefits, and is activated once fees are paid when you register or renew your membership.

If you are new to British Columbia, contact the BCDHA office at We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

Introducing Managed Mobile Plans

BCDHA is excited to introduce the SAVE Mobile Plans program, a selection of mobile plans powered by Rogers Communications with substantial savings offered to BCDHA members.

Up to 48% savings on mobile plans can be found through this new offering from Rogers. Plans are offered for both BYOD (bring your own device) and new device activation plans. Coming from a non-Rogers mobile provider? Up to $500 in transfer costs may be available to you!

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BCDHA offers an awards program that recognizes the valued contributions of members, provides support for innovative projects and highlights the achievements of students.

BCDHA Member Awards

The BCDHA Awards Guide contains the criteria and nomination forms for each of the following.

Dianne Gallagher Inspiration Award
Barbara J. Heisterman Award
Life Membership

Please take a moment to think of all the dental hygienists that you know. Is there anyone that you feel stands out and deserves to be recognized? Help us to recognize them and acknowledge their valuable contributions to the profession of dental hygiene.

The deadline for these award nominations is December 31st, annually.

BCDHA Student Awards

This BCDHA Student Awards Guide contains the details for the following:

BCDHA Award of Excellence
BCDHA First-Year Achievement Award
Joan Voris Award

We encourage all dental hygiene students in the BC Diploma Programs, or the Dental Hygiene Degree Program at UBC to read this guide and learn what awards are available to you.